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HellasFin Investment Services, in the framework of the services it provides to its Investors, collaborates with trusted banks and licensed investment firms, both in Greece and abroad, to provide Execution and Custodianship services.

Banks and investment firms (Providers) operate as execution companies and custodians providing HellasFin with the following services:

  • execution of client orders transferred to them through the company
  • keeping personal or corporate accounts
  • safeguarding of securities and transaction settlements
  • collection and payment of dividends/coupons and securities payments
  • monitoring and executing corporate deeds
  • other Custodianship services

HellasFin Investment Services provides high value services with advanced security and competitive pricing, utilizing:

  • an intimate understanding of world markets
  • the Provider’s available channeling/execution platforms with best execution certification
  • a verified and reliable network of collaborating Providers across world markets for transaction settlement
  • the high credibility evaluation of the collaborating custodians for safeguarding the Investors’ portfolio.

An Investor with HellasFin has the advantage of choosing one or more Providers in Greece or abroad, being fully informed about the details of the collaboration with each Provider and applying the Provider’s choice criteria in order to maximize their investment profit.

HF Securities Services (HF2S)
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In the context of these services, HellasFin Investment Services directly provides the Investor with either investment advice services or discretionary management and the service package of Execution, Custodianship and Foreign Currency. For the provision of these services HellasFin Securities Services (HF2S) operates as an:

Execution company

  • in collaboration with the Milan-based Italian bank Banca IMI, one of the largest banks involved in stock and bond transactions, who provide the optimal execution price for bond transactions.


  • in collaboration with the Paris-based, French bank BNP Paribas Securities Services, which is the largest global custodian in Europe and has the highest capital adequacy ratio among European banks.
  • in collaboration with Societe General Luxembourg, subsidiary of Societe General France, which, through their specialized Mutual Funds platform, provides access to all Mutual Fund issuing and managing houses globally.

A detailed description of the HF2S services provided is included in the Execution, Custodianship and Foreign Currency Contract. The following is a concise presentation:

1. Execution

In the frame of HF2S services, HellasFin Investment Services executes orders received from the Investor or the company administrator, forwards the respective orders to the collaborating Providers and is accountable to the Investors for best execution of their orders.

2. Custody

As the client’s portfolio Custodian, HellasFin Investment Services, in collaboration with selected Providers, provides the following services:

  • Transaction settlement
  • Financial instruments safeguarding
  • Other Custodianship services

3. Foreign Currency Services

HellasFin Investment Services provides a foreign currency conversion service, in cases where it is necessary, in the context of the execution or relative services.


In the context of these services HellasFin directly provides investment advice or discretionary management services to the Investor, while Execution, Custodianship and Foreign Currency services are provided by other Providers such as:

  • Credit Suisse, Zurich-based Swiss Bank
  • Edmond de Rothschild Banque Privée Europe, of the Rothschild bank group, based in Luxembourg
  • Pireaus Investment Services, member of the Pireaus Bank group, based in Greece.

HellasFin Investment Services signs a collaboration agreement with the Provider as an External Asset Manager and ensures the best possible prices, conditions and quality of services for their Investors.

The Investor signs a contract with HellasFin for the provision of investment advice or discretionary management services.

In addition, the Investor signs a contract with the Provider for execution and custodianship services and gives limited authorization to HellasFin (LPoA) for managing their account and their representation towards the custodian.

HellasFin Securities Services